Looking for Happy Marrige in Japan?
120,000 Members Seriously Looking for YOU!
Bilingual Marriage Agency for Those Looking for Marriage in Japan

If you seriously look for happy marriage in Japan, we provide opportunities!

Sophiage Tokyo is a marriage agency located in Tokyo for those seriously look for marriage in Japan. We provide bilingual online service (English / Japan). 

We can provide a membership, which access to 120,000 Japanese members who seriously look for marriage in Japan.

We have been providing marriage agency service for years for Japanese people only, but now chances are not only for Japanese, but for those who seriously look for happy marriage in Japan. We support your eagerness to get married in Japan.


Why people choose Sophiage?

All staffs have international experience!

All staffs in Sophiage Tokyo have international experience and bilinguals (En/Ja). For example chief counceller has decades of experience in foreign based companies with people from multiple backgrounds, including expat experience in Australia for 3 years. We are very familiar with cultures of Japan and others.

Dedicated staff plans tailer made activities for you! 

Some companies charges you when you become a membership without no continued support. We are different. Each member has a dedicated staff, and we will create a tailer made plan for your successful marriage.  You want support? We are here!

120,000 members are waiting for you!  So many business partners!

We belong to 7 large associations, which are  Ryoen Net (partering with Nozze), Japan Bridal Information Union(BIU),  Japan Bridal AssociationJapan Konkatsu Net AassociationJapan Marriage Agency Association. Total number of members are 120,000!  We are partnering with many jewelers and ceremony halls to support your exciting propose and wedding celemony!

From Chief Marriage Counceller

You need opportunities? Here we are!

We have been engaged with Japanese people who want to get married, and now we are expanding our service to those who want to get married in japan!

Do you have feelings like below?  We are for you!

  • Want to get married with Japanese! I love Japanese!
  • I have devoted most of my time to work, but now I want family in Japan

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